in it for the long run

creating a sustainable future

I am delighted to have become an affiliate member of the long run community. looking forward to joining hands with this global initiative in driving positive change for the health of the planet and the well-being of people.

the long run is a collection of the world’s most sustainable, nature-based travel destinations. collectively, the long run helps conserve over 20-million-acres of biodiversity and improves the lives of 750,000 people. by joining the movement, we have committed to a continuous journey of improvement towards excellence in sustainability by achieving a balance in the 4 Cs — conservation, community, culture and commerce.

as an affiliate member, I share the long run’s drive to achieve the highest standards in sustainable tourism via the 4Cs. we have demonstrated this commitment by signing the long run charter, and will actively support the long run and its members through sharing our experience and expertise.

to find out more about the long run’s work and commitment to the 4Cs, click here

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eine wohltuende entspannungsmassnahme

lomi lomi nui massagen wieder ab 27. april im riveryoga thun

ich freue mich sehr, wieder lomi lomi massagen geben zu dürfen! und es würde mich freuen, auch dich auf diese wohltuende, heilsame art zu verwöhnen. 

ich möchte, dass du dich sicher fühlst bei mir und werde dich deshalb mit einem herzlichen namasté begrüssen, und zusätzlich zur normalen reinigung die lomi liege und meine hände vor der behandlung desinfizieren. selbstverständlich trage ich eine hygienemaske, wenn du dies vorziehst.

termin anfragen

diese spezielle zeit möchte ich dazu nutzen, das konzept der geschenkökonomie auszuprobieren. dieses beruht auf der energie des schenkens aus der fülle, anstatt auf der abmachung eines leistungsaustauschs: ich schenke dir eine lomi massage und du schenkst mir im gegenzug das was dir die erfahrung wert war, was du aus dem herzen geben möchtest und kannst. falls du dennoch gerne einen richtwert hättest, kannst du dich auf die normalen preise beziehen. 

charles eisenstein, vordenker und kulturphilosoph, erklärt die geschenkökonomie sehr schön hier (english).

growing tourism in nepal

how do we grow a wholesome tourism in nepal?

in an interview with the renowed nepali magazine business360, I was asked to speak on the three major things that should be given high priority for tourism to develop and grow, as nepal positions itself for the visit nepal year 2020.

along with three other relevant tourism stakeholders in nepal, we explored the importance of improving infrastructure, connectivity, management, and above all, the need for a clear strategy of safeguarding nepal’s extraordinary natural beauty and cultural heritage, the very foundation of why tourists come here. read the full article here.

founder with purpose

making a difference to bring about a progressive change in the society

insights by social friendly

it is a great pleasure and privilege to be featured this week in the ‘founders with purpose’ series of social friendly. 

portrait photo: remo eisner fotografie
photo: daniel pittet

“I see how many people in the highly developed west have lost this connection over the course of modernization; how the urbanized, “developed” lifestyle has led to loss of orientation and meaning, loss of the deep sense of knowing where we belong and why we are here. we modernized people are now gradually realizing this lack and how important it is to regain, re-access and recapture this inner home. so we are coming back to spaces like the himalayas, in search for pristine places of nature; wishing to experience the original sense of living in connection, in contact, in close relationship with nature.”
monika schaffner​, founder, connecting spaces & mindwalk

in their series of “founders with purpose”, digital media catalysts and creative consultants social friendly feature founders who are making a difference and doing their bit to bring about a progressive change in the society.

full article:

reconnect with nature

feeling the call – a longing to reconnect with nature

more and more people around the world are hearing the call, their longing to reconnect with nature. it is apparent in the numbers: the growing amount of people visiting mountains, outdoor shops booming.

as a global community, we are beginning to perceive this gap: a void of purpose, a hole in ourselves where the meaning of life would sit. and from there stems the desire, the urge to investigate, explore and understand the question of who we are, why we are here and what we are meant to do in this life.

passo d’agnel | swiss alps | connecting with nature’s beauty

chukung ri | chomolungma | a viewpoint out to the world, as close as you can get, physically as a trekker, to the hightest point on earth (5600 m asl)

mindwalks offer a framework for you to follow this call into mountain space. mindwalks invite you to explore the beauty of pristine nature, to experience the energy of the elements, tp let go of your turning thoughts and whatever runs your mind in your daily life. to merge into nature and reconnect.

and as you reconnect with nature, you reconnect with the elements, of which you are essentially made of, the foundation of your life. as you merge with the essence of who you are – your elemental being – the answers start coming up, surfacing from deep inside you.

I offer mindwalks in the swiss alps, as elemental 3-4 day camping hikes, where we carry all we need for this timespan on our back. we go into the essence of life, where there is only you, the earth you walk on, the water you drink, the food you eat, the wind to carry away your everyday thoughts, the sun to warm you and the stars to inspire you.

and I offer mindwalks in the himalayan spaces where – in addition to the beauty and power of connecting to nature as such – comes the element of altitude. in the high altitude air there is a clarity resembling that of a crystal, which supports you even more strongly, lucidly in pursuing your life’s questions and understanding the answers.

the himalaya mandala mindwalk project has been visionned to me during a magnificant sunrise morning on pikey peak. over a span of 4 years, in 8 individual stages, we will traverse the himalaya range from east to west, in a journey of inner discovery & reflection. the intention is to symbolically lay a trace of light through this magnificent mountain range. thereby creating awareness, calling attention to the value, the preciousness of these powerful sanctuaries of nature, which are of the highest elevations of the world and as such hold a very important global significance.

makalu base camp | mindwalk sherpani col 2020

view out valley | rolwaling | mindwalk yalung la 2021

the himalayan spaces are today very rapidly falling prey to materialist, consumerist, capitalist tendencies, as the local communities strive to attaining the western standards of globalisation, loosing their ancient heritage as they go. while masses of tourists (both domestic and foreign) start coming in, looking precisely for these ancient vlaues, which they in their homes have already lost.

its the time now to safeguard what is there while embracing the positive elements of change. intending to bring well-being, wealth, abundance, harmony, peace for all those who live there, those who may come back, and those who come there as guests.

defending the sacred

the big change we want to see in society has to happen first inside of us

sabine lichtenfels, co-founder tamera

this summer, I had the privilege to join the defend the sacred conference in tamera/portugal. a confluence of global changemakers and activists from around the world: “leaders of indigenous communities, social movements and systemic alternatives reflected on their experiences at the nexus of activism and spirituality and shared prospects for a global culture of cooperation”.

lisbon – beautiful city of hope

waiting for the fullmoon to rise

it was an empowering experience of coming home to my people. not that I had previously known any of them, but they share with me the same language and understanding on the current societal system we live in and on what is needed to move towards its positive transformation.

deeply inspired & nourished, I take with me

  • the encouraging sense of being part of a growing global network
  • the experience of forces of positive change evolving
  • the knowlege on liveable solutions starting from very deep within each of us and our relationships with each other and life on this planet.

the central highlight to me was our contribution to an arial art action on the hightest point of portugal. to stand against the plans of a nation-wide lithium extraction program, which would destroy not only vast landscapes but the resources and life-forms within them. the action was a greater statement and call to the global community to take care of our planet, invest into regenerative circular solutions; ask before taking, and listen before acting.

photos by volken tokmak – spectral Q

the arial art act created a tremendous energy of human connection with earth & sky, as we sat on the warm earth: tiny specks all together making up the great symbol of the tree of life, open to the clear blue sunny sky above us.

as the ceremony was over and people dispersed, I sensed into the earth and felt a great sigh going through her. as if she had for the first time in her life experienced a true touch on her skin, one of truly being seen, truly respected, truly valued.

photo: carlos gonzalez

I also sensed the global relevance of our standing together for life: there was a wave of resonance radiating beneath the surface to all corners of the earth – other mountain regions and sanctuaries carrying the sacred foundation of life. it seemed that they too, heard and sensed this momentum. a shift in perception, a hope for the beginning of the turning – to a new social system of love instead of fear, peace instead of war, respect instead of destruction.

hohgant | swiss alps | a silent jewel of nature, protected space of healing. sanctuary of the earth spirits, celebrating the beauty of life. 

jebel shams mountains | oman | representation of primordial masculine energy, awakening to respect the feminine in her graceful dance.

chomolungma | himalayas | majestic mountains, origin source of water & life. abode of the goddess & the spirits of high spaces.